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Max's Granola
Average rating:  
 25 reviews
by Jessika Baditoi on Max's Granola

Like everyone else said... WOW best granola ever! I love the ingredients so it’s an absolutely delicious snack you can feel good about. I also love that they are local and have a great mission! My new go to granola, yum!

by Terrence Hynes on Max's Granola

Best ever granola, no contest. I've also sprinkled (more like layered!) it on buttered toast.

by Kevin on Max's Granola

Best Granola I have ever had. A real treat!

by Jennifer Foutty on Max's Granola

I'm a total snob about granola and this is absolute perfection. I'll never buy anything else.

by Jerome on Max's Granola

I recently purchased Max's Granola from my neighborhood market. Wow. I'm not sure where to begin. This product has the potential to be one of the best granolas I've had. I especially like the cardamom and sesame seeds. What a treat! Alas, it's full of sugar!! I could eat only a bite or two because it's so sweet! Brown sugar is the 2nd ingredient, followed by maple syrup. It also contains turbinado sugar, as well as sugar sweetened cherries and cranberries. And as I'm writing this I'm beginning to get an upset stomach from all the sugar! I was hoping for a nutritious breakfast but instead I feel like I'm eating a bowl of sugar and syrup. It's sweeter than a bowl of lucky charms and fruit loops cereal combined. I don't want diabetes. Poor Max...

by Maxwell on Max's Granola

I ate the whole bag within about 24 hours. It is probably the best granola mix I've ever had in terms of taste.

by J Thomas on Max's Granola

This is great stuff! It tastes great! I have no reservations of having my family and children eat this.

Any chance you will be coming out with a Gluten-Free version? I am sensitive to gluten, so it limits how much I can eat.

by Pamela on Max's Granola

There is nothing more to say than this is the best granola ever. So tasty. I just happened to grab this one off the shelf after a quick review of options at the store I was at. I will always look for this brand!

by Stephanie on Max's Granola

I was shopping at Art Is In The Market at Twelve Oaks Mall today. I tried out Max's Granola for the first time. It is organic, kosher and there is a gluten-free variety. It was REALLY good and goes to a great cause πŸ™‚ I will definitely be a repeat customer.

by Renee Hawkins on Max's Granola

Changing my diet, to naturally lose a few in a healthy way...bought 1 bag of Max's Granola..had my first spoonful and fell in love with the taste...kept my 12ounce bag.. to have info to purchase more...

by Kim P. on Max's Granola

I cannot go to the Royal Oak farmer's market without picking up at least one bag. I love the granola on yogurt, or straight from the bag! It's "feel-good" food.

by Tom on Max's Granola

Excellent Granola! Best Granola I have ever had

by Virginia on Max's Granola

I was just introducted to Max's Granola today through my employer. This granola is fantastic. The best I have ever tasted. I purchased 1 bag and that is not going to be enough as I cannot stop eating it. I came to the website to order more. Great Stuff!!!!

by samantha on Max's Granola

This granola is the perfect blend of goodness. Whole pecan halves, pepitas, crunchy oats and a hint of cardamom unite in a bowl full of goodness. The blend it crunchy and not sticky like some granolas. I gobbled it right out of the bag but can imagine how lovely it would be on top of my greek yogurt! The BEST granola I have ever had. Kudos to Debra's Foods. You made a fantastic product.

by Richard Rodgers on Max's Granola

Love this granola - almost out of my first bag and making plans to get two more.

by BSiemion on Max's Granola

Best granola I have ever had. Tried several

from Whole Foods nothing compares

by Jeff C on Max's Granola

Outstanding product, can't get enough of it!!!!!

by Jeff on Max's Granola

Tried this product for the first time last month. Was recommended by a friend. Great Product! Incredible taste! Buy some today!

by Jenny Oliverio on Max's Granola

First tried this granola at "VegFest" this year. I immediately bought 2 bags. It is packed with a great combination of fruits, nuts and seeds. The flavors blend together perfectly, it's like no other. Thanks Debra, for Max's Granola, its the BEST!!!!!

by Molly Novack on Max's Granola

I have never in my life bought the same granola twice, I think I'm on my 15th bag! I'm hooked, and have all of my friends hooked! Just try it once and you'll see πŸ™‚

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